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Join our next semester of online Islamic classes starting January 27th!

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I enjoyed the class so much that I wish we had more sessions 🌹❤️


Fall 2023

Loved the discussions


Fall 2023

I really liked the respect of the instructor towards everyone in the class. The organization of the material was very easy to follow and understand.


Fall 2023

Registration Benefits

M.E.C.C.A. provides

Take a look at some of the benefits students enjoy when they join our semester classes.


Students who attend 75% of their sessions per class and participate are eligible to receive a certificate acknowledging their efforts.

Class Materials

All required class materials such as required books will be provided electronically as part of their registration .


Students receive an exclusive discount of 25% off registration fees for the next semester.


Recordings for all sessions of their registered class are provided for three months access.

Class Schedule

Semester Dates: January 27 to Feb 22 

Classes run weekly for a total of 4 sessions.

All sessions are online via Zoom.




New Muslims Program:
Part I

10am to 12pm EST

A Revelation into Allah's Names and Attributes

10am to 11:30am EST

The Beginner's Gift:
How to Pray

6:45pm to 7:45pm EST

The Seerah Song:
A Prophetic Biography

12:30pm to 2pm EST

Your Comprehensive Life Guide: Imam Nawawi's 40 Hadith

12pm to 1:30pm EST

Cultivating Taqwa:
Being Mindful of God

8pm to 9pm EST

Our Teachers

Ustadh Tariq Ameer

Teaching on Saturdays 

New Muslims Program

The Seerah Song


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Ustadh Meurad Osman

Teaching on Sundays

A Revelations into Allah’s Names & Attributes

Your Comprehensive Life Guide

Click to read bio.

Imam Kemal Cecunjanin

Teaching on Thursdays

The Beginner’s Gift

Cultivating Taqwa

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What our classes are like

Say goodbye to scattered information on YouTube and on Google!

Our program is your go-to resource for a structured, in-depth exploration of Islam.

Connect with like-minded learners from all walks of life.

Embrace a supportive environment where questions are encouraged, and understanding is paramount.

Life is busy – that’s why we offer online sessions just once a week for a month with recordings to catch up on.

Your learning, your way.

Facts and Numbers

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