Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar observed by Muslims globally with the sighting of the new moon.

Being the holiest month of the year, millions of Muslims strengthen their spiritual health and self-discipline through reflection, fasting, prayer and charity thus allowing themselves to become closer to God.

The end of Ramadan is marked by the sighting of the new moon, welcoming the day of celebration called Eid ul-Fitr. This day commemorates the bounty of reward for those who observed the holy month through fasting, prayer, abstaining from negative habits, and stiving to earn the pleasure of God.

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Daily Livestream Schedule

Streamed live on Facebook and Youtube daily from 6 to 6:30pm EST.

Wednesday’s programming will be hosted on a private Zoom meeting from 5:30 to 6:30pm EST.


Quranic Blessings

Wishing for a life overflowing with divine blessings, both seen and unseen?

Join our sessions this Ramadan and unleash the transformative power the Sacred Revelation holds. While we’ll unveil the ultimate guidance that the Quran brings, as well as the rewards awaiting in the Hereafter, we’ll also delve into the Quran’s many impacts on your life now. 

Imagine: wisdom guiding your steps, inner peace washing over burdens, angelic guardians supporting you, physical, mental, and emotional healing, and rising above life’s challenges – all empowered by the Quran’s blessings. 

Unravel the secrets of the Quran and forge a deeper connection with Allah, cultivating a life full of Divine Pleasure, fulfillment of purpose, peace, happiness, and success.


Embark on a journey with us to unlock the full potential of your Ramadan and fasting!

Join Ustadh Meurad Osman as he guides you through the virtues, rewards, and countless blessings of fasting, providing invaluable insights on how to maximize your gains in each segment of the holy month. Discover the secrets of extracting maximum benefits from the first 10 days, second 10 days, and the final 10 days of Ramadan. Ustadh Meurad will equip you with the right mindsets, energy direction, and illuminate the vast rewards awaiting you.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate gratitude and tap into the transformative power of Ramadan, elevating your worship in Ramadan and ensuring that you don’t miss out on the abundant blessings of this sacred month!


Sisters ONLY.

Embark on an enriching journey of learning and connection with the Holy Quran!

This class welcomes new Muslims to explore the beauty and power of short chapters (Surahs) of the Quran through guided memorization and proper recitation (Tajweed). Learn to recite with accuracy and reverence, build a strong foundation for your lifelong Quranic engagement, and nourish your faith with timeless verses.


Join Ustadh Kemal for an engaging exploration of Surah Yunus (Jonah) this Ramadan. Delve into timeless themes of patience, repentance, and overcoming trials through interactive discussions and practical applications.

Gain a deeper understanding of the Quran, connect with the story of Prophet Yunus (Peace and Blessings be upon him), and foster meaningful connections in a supportive community. Whether you seek to enrich your faith or discover tools for navigating life’s challenges, this journey is tailored for you.

Translate Surah Yunus’s lessons into daily actions, illuminate your Ramadan with wisdom, and strengthen your connection with the Divine. Don’t miss this chance for a spiritually fulfilling experience this Ramadan!


This Ramadan let’s unlock the true purpose of our fast – Taqwa, the light of Divine awareness within. But when our hearts grow hard, can we truly receive its blessings?

Join us on a journey inspired by Imam Ibn Al-Mubārak’s profound words in “Softening the Heart.”  Discover practices that gently melt away layers of hardness, leaving fertile ground for Taqwa to flourish. Immerse yourself in timeless wisdom that resonates across centuries, igniting your spirit and guiding your steps towards a deeper, more meaningful Ramadan.

Imagine prayers overflowing with newfound emotion, fasting that transcends hunger to embrace compassion, and a Ramadan experience that leaves you forever changed, carrying the light of Taqwa long after the crescent moon fades. This is your invitation to awaken your heart’s potential.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your Ramadan, one softened heartbeat at a time.


Yes! All the programming is completely free, but donations are welcome.

All are welcome to attend any of our live programming regardless of where you are in your faith journey. 

Wednesday’s programming is exclusive to sisters only.

There will be a daily livestream from 6 to 6:30pm EST on Youtube and Facebook. Recordings can be found on these channels.

However, Wednesday’s programming will be from 5:30 to 6:30pm EST on a private Zoom meeting and will not be recorded.

We have a virtual Ramadan mentorship program where we will pair you with a fellow brother or sister. He/she will be a source of guidance and companionship as you navigate your first Ramadan. 

RSVP to select that you’re interested in the mentorship and we will follow up on next steps.

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