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Learn Islam with the New Muslims Program

Provides curious individuals an open space to explore the history, practices, and spirituality of Islam.

Teacher speaking to students at MECCA Center
Teacher instructing students during lecture at MECCA Center

About Us

M.E.C.C.A. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a culture of tolerance of diversity among Muslim-Americans while providing Muslims with the education and emotional support they need to become strong and knowledgeable members of the Muslim-American community.

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Topics in Part I

Mosque with arched passageway derived from Islamic architecture

What is Islam?

The Fundamentals and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Two men praying in prayer hall of a Mosque on red carpet

Identity, Sin & Repentance

Man washing his face for ablution

Purification and Prayer

How, Where, and When?

Learn authentic Islamic fundamentals in an inclusive and diverse space that welcomes and encourages discussion and questions.
Teacher and students sitting on floor during lecture of Living Islam

Topics in Part II

Islamic lantern with lit candle, prayer beads, and bowl of dates

Fasting and Zakat

How and When to Fast;
Obligatory Charity

Holy location of Mecca with Muslims praying for Hajj


Obligatory Pillars of Pilgrimage

Middle Eastern assortment of foods on a table


Halal and Haram

Students are gifted a bookbag full of essentials such as an English Qur’an, Prayer Rug, Prayer Book, and Istinja (self-purification) bottle.

Assortment of Islamic books, prayer rug, prayer cap, and backpacks

Student Testimonials

Honestly, I enjoyed this class from the beginning to the end, these classes inspire me to be a better person and better Muslim.

Alhumdulillah, the content/subject matter is highly valuable. I am able to apply what I learned. Asking questions in real time to the instructor was very useful. I truly enjoyed this virtual class.

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