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Authentic, Traditional and Reliable.

We strive to ensure everyone that attends our center, receives sound and authentic knowledge so that they can make a positive contribution to our faith and our country.

What We Offer


Our classes are designed for ages 12+, and all are welcomed regardless of their journey in Islam. Non-Muslims and new Muslims are especially encouraged to attend.


All classes are recorded via Zoom, and access is provided to all who are tardy or have missed a session. So, if timing is an issue for you in terms of registration, then please rest assured you won’t miss out.


M.E.C.C.A. does not want money to be an issue when it comes to your spiritual growth. This is why we offer financial aid to cover the entire cost of one class as well as flexible payment plans to offset the burden.

Zoom Courses

Upcoming Classes

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Woman in blue hijab scarf looking out into the ocean from beachfront

It’s hard to believe how different my life was just 3 years ago. Alhamdulilah, Allah (SWT) blessed me by guiding me to the straight path. My story was written by Allah (SWT) and happened solely by His will.

Zainab Ismail


276 5th Avenue,  704-1571
New York, NY 10001

Center Hours

Our location is closed until further notice due to Covid-19.