New Muslims Program – Part II

Welcome to the highly anticipated second phase of our foundational program, specially crafted for both new Muslims and inquisitive non-Muslims eager to unlock the finer details of Islamic beliefs and practices. Delve into the heart of Islamic faith, rituals, spirituality, and character development.

Questions and discussions are highly encouraged throughout the class so students feel welcomed and are able to fully grasp the material. 

Those who complete both Part I and II will receive a graduation certificate to attest to their understanding and satisfactory attendance of the program

Topics discussed in this coming semester:

  • Session 1: Fasting, Zakat, Hajj, and Important Historical Figures
  • Session 2: Marriage and Friends & Family
  • Session 3: Manners, Social Interactions, Money Matters, Clothing, and Food
  • Session 4: Dealing with Controversy and Review

Getting Started

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Session 1 on Nov 11

Assigned Reading

Required reading for Session 1 covering Fasting, Hajj, and Important Historical Figures. Please read and write down any questions you may have. You need not understand everything perfectly as Ustadh will go through the material in detail.

Fasting Workshop

[Optional] Ramadan 2023 Prep Workshop covering the rulings on fasting with Ustadh Tariq. A good primer and refresher to know the essentials of fasting and to ready oneself for Ramadan.

Optional Dive Deep Resources

[Optional] Dive even deeper into the topics discussed in Session 1. Mostly short videos from other reputable scholars and organizations.


Quiz on Fasting and Zakah
5 questions
Test your knowledge.
NMP II_Session 1

Topics covered: Fasting, Zakah, Hajj, and Important Historical Figures

Session 2 on Nov 18

NMP II_Session 2

Session 2 on Nov 18 covering the topics:

  • marriage
  • friends and family
  • sin and repentance
Dive Deep Resources on Session 2

Optional resouces to dive even further into the topics of marriage and sin from Session 2.

Session 3 on Dec 2

NMP II_Session 3

Session 3 on Saturday, Dec 2nd from 10am to 12pm EDT.

Topics covered include:

  • Adab
  • Social interaction
  • Money matters
  • Clothing
  • Food


Session 4 on Dec 9

NMP II_Session 4

Final session on Saturday, Dec 9th from 10am to 12pm EDT.

Topics include:

  • Dealing with controversy
  • Review and Final Thoughts
Classes are on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm EST on the following dates: Nov 11, Nov 18, Dec 2, and Dec 9.

There is no class on Nov 25.
Yes, please email us at with 3 separate dates and times in the coming week that work for you so that we may schedule a Zoom meeting.
Anyone. You can be a non-Muslim, a new Muslim, convert, or someone born into Islam. All are welcome to attend.

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