New Muslims Program: Part I

Welcome to the highly anticipated first phase of our foundational program, specially crafted for both new Muslims and inquisitive non-Muslims eager to unlock the finer details of Islamic beliefs and practices. 

Questions and discussions are highly encouraged throughout the class so students feel welcomed and are able to fully grasp the material. 

Those who complete both Part I and II will receive a graduation certificate to attest to their understanding and satisfactory attendance of the program

Topics discussed in this coming semester:

  • Session 1: What is Islam? The Fundamentals and Prophet Muhammad
  • Session 2: Identity, Sin, and Repentance
  • Session 3: Purification and Prayer- How, Why, and When?
  • Session 4: Qur’an and the Afterlife

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Course available for 100 days
Enrolled: 2 students
Lectures: 8
Level: Beginner
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