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The Seerah Song: A Prophetic Biography

This class offers a compelling exploration of the Prophet Muhammad’s, Peace and Blessings be upon him, remarkable life through a poem by Shaykh Abdullah Misra entitled: “The Seerah Song”.  In this poem, students will explore 14 sections alongside the valuable insights provided by their teacher, Ustad Ameer. Through engaging discussions and a study of the biography of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, participants will gain profound insights into his character and leadership and the enduring impact of his blessed teachings. This class provides a unique opportunity to connect with the timeless wisdom and compassionate essence of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him. Join us for an enlightening experience that transcends time and fosters a deeper understanding of his extraordinary legacy.

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Instructor and Timing

Class will be taught by Ustadh Tariq on Saturdays from 12:30pm to 2pm EDT weekly from May 25 to June 25.

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Prerequisite   – None required.

Recording – Each session will be recorded on Zoom. Links to access the recordings will be sent to all via email.

Payment Options

Please note that the registration fee covers all sessions of the class.

  • Early registration fee until May 18:
    • $40 per class
    • $80 for bundle of 3 classes
    • $120 for all classes being offered
  • Regular registration fee from May 19 and thereon:
    • $50 per class
    • $100 for bundle of 3 classes
    • $150 for all classes being offered

Financial aid is also provided. Please note that, if approved, financial aid will cover the entire cost of the class and can only be applied towards only one class per semester per student.

  • If you wish to apply for financial aid, please select the option, “Financial Aid” and complete the registration process.
  • Once complete, our registration team will contact you via email for the next steps.

🤔Not sure if this is the right class for you?

Sit in on the first session and if you change your mind, we offer a full refund! That’s how confident we are that you will find our program beneficial. Low commitment and comprehensive!

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May 25 2024


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Ustadh Tariq Ameer