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Ustadh Meurad Osman


Meurad Osman

Meet Meurad Osman, a remarkable scholar with a diverse educational background and a passion for Islamic studies. Having studied at Darul Funun in Istanbul, Turkey, under the guidance of esteemed scholars like Shaykh Nader Abu ‘Umar and Shaykh Khalid Al Kharsah, Meurad acquired profound knowledge in various Islamic sciences, including fiqh, aqida, hadith, tajweed, and more.

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Meurad’s journey into academia led him to pursue a degree in Sociology at Kean University, where he excelled and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Simultaneously, he served as the full-time Imam at the Islamic Center of Ocean County in Toms River, New Jersey, further enriching his understanding of Islamic principles and their practical application.

Eager to deepen his knowledge and engage with scholars from around the world, Meurad continued his quest for learning, immersing himself in the study of Islamic sciences both locally and abroad. Currently, he shares his expertise as an Arabic and Islamic studies teacher at Noorul Iman School, while also serving as an instructor for esteemed institutions such as Darul Fath and Arkview Safina Society, all based in New Jersey.