M.E.C.C.A. was founded with the purpose of helping American converts to Islam by providing them with a supportive community and teaching them the basics of the religion. We provide them with an environment in which they can learn and ask questions without being judged, thus facilitating their transition to their new faith with ease and comfort, while still maintaining their established American identity.

At M.E.C.C.A., the emphasis is placed on providing knowledge, not preaching. For instance, converts are taught that one of the obligatory forms of worship is the five daily prayers, and they are taught how to perform ablution and how to pray. They are not pressured, however, to perform the five daily prayers. Likewise, they are taught about appropriate dress for Muslims- namely the obligation to dress modestly and what this means for both men and women, but they are not pressured to wear hijab or change their style of dress.

We place a strong emphasis on humility, kindness, and understanding. We want our students to always think the best of others, and not feel superior towards anyone, both Muslims and non-Muslims, due to any religious accomplishments they may have. It is extremely important that converts are taught that although there may be differences between them and their family, they still deserve love and respect, and obedience to the parents in anything that does not contradict Islam is still expected. We rely on all of our teachers to promote these principles to ensure a proper and traditional understanding of Islam.

M.E.C.C.A. employs well qualified scholars and instructors to teach our classes. Each of our teachers has sound and proficient knowledge in their respective areas, and have a traditional and classical understanding of Islam.

Our flagship course is the New Muslims Program, which teaches new converts the basics of how to practice Islam, physically, spiritually, and practically. We also offer a wide variety of courses such as fiqh, hadith, Arabic, seerah, tajweed, spirituality, and many other courses.

At its core, M.E.C.C.A. attempts to provide a community where the new converts can grow and flourish. The vision of M.E.C.C.A. is that the converts who are its students may help support a renaissance of the spirit in the Muslim community, with a focus on helping others and thereby contributing to making the world a better and more peaceful place for all.