Mufti Fathi Alam

Mufti Fathi Alam is a specialist in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and a hafiz of the Qur’an. A native New Yorker, Mufti Fathi attended public school for several years… [read more]

Ustadh Tariq Ameer

Ustadh Tariq Ameer began his formal Islamic Studies during college in Atlanta, Georgia with Ustadh Jamal Hysaw and Shaykh Muhammad Mendes… [read more]

Imam Kemal Cecunjanin

Imam Kemal Cecunjanin was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1999, he traveled to the Middle East for ten years and studied Arabic at the University of Damascus, Syria… [read more]

Ustadha  Zainab Chaudhry

Ustadha Zainab Chaudhry is a practicing attorney in New York. After graduating law school in 1998, she worked for several years as a judicial law clerk… [read more]

Hafidh Mohammed Zahirul Islam

Hafidh Mohammed Zahirul Islam was born in Bangladesh and migrated to the United States of America at the age of five with his entire family… [read more

Sister Zainab Ismail

Sister Zainab Ismail has been helping clients achieve their goals in health and fitness for 18 years in New York City. She is graduate fellow of Applied Functional Science… [read more]

Ustadha Wajiha Khalil

Ustadha Wajiha Khalil is an artist, educator, and student of the sacred knowledge. She is passionate about developing interdisciplinary curriculum to help children engage with Islamic learning… [read more]

Hafidh Abdel-Rahman al-Khattab

Hafidh Abdel-Rahman al-Khattab is a specialist in the science of Quranic recitation according to the style of Warsh ‘an Nafi’ from the route of al-Azraq… [read more

Ustadha Amina Khawaja

Ustadha Amina Khawaja studied the Islamic sciences in Damascus, Syria from 2003-7 at Ma’had al-Fath al-Islamiyah. There she studied Islamic Jurisprudence, Tafseer, Arabic, Tasawwuf. [read more

Ustadh Meurad Osman

Ustadh Meurad has studied the Islamic sciences over the last several years with traditional teachers. Ustadh Meurad has an associates degree in sociology and is studying sociology at Kean University… [read more

Sister Haseena Sahib

Haseena Sahib is a deep appreciator and student of spirituality, comparative religion, and classical Islamic poetry. She is the co-founder of Melodies for the Divine… [read more

Ustadha Shareefa Maryam As-Saqqaf

Ustadha Shareefa Maryam As-Saqqaf is the granddaughter of the late great Habib Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Haddar, the primary Shaykh of Habib Umar bin Hafiz… [read more]

Brother Mujtaba Tariq

Brother Mujtaba Tariq was raised in the New York tri-state area, where he learned the essential knowledge of aqidah, fiqh and other Islamic sciences… [read more]

Photo by Michal Jarmoluk on StockSnap