By Josenny Torres

Bismillah, I was raised Catholic, as a child I would go to church but never felt a connection.  I knew there was a God; however I didn’t understand the beliefs of what the religion consisted of.  I never really gave the religion much thought and went about my life.  In 2011, I downloaded the Qur’an … Continue reading By Josenny Torres

Shahada Story by Anonymous

My interest in Islam sparked from a trip I took to Morocco as part of my study abroad program in Spain. I was very attracted to the warmth of many individuals and the strength of the family structure. Later, after returning to Spain, I was researching the Albayzin neighborhood (Arab quarter) of Granada (the last … Continue reading Shahada Story by Anonymous

Shahada Story by Fatimah Madinah

My journey toward Islam took place two years ago, when my life was an absolute mess.  At this time in my life, I was in a very abusive marriage and extremely isolated from my family, and I was very depressed.  I was ashamed to tell anyone of the suffering I was going through. I would … Continue reading Shahada Story by Fatimah Madinah

Shahada Story by D. Fuentes

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. “La ilaha ila Allah; Muhammadur-rasul Allah.” “There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” By pronouncing these words and finding out the meaning of them, I took one of the most important steps towards Islam, the testimony of faith. This … Continue reading Shahada Story by D. Fuentes

Conversion to Islam by Henry C.

Bismilah ir Raham ir Raheem First and foremost, peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his family (may Allah be pleased with them all), and the righteous companions (may Allah be pleased with them). As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. My name is Henry Chelune, Jr. To give the … Continue reading Conversion to Islam by Henry C.

By Anonymous

What brought me to Islam? Maybe it was watching Muslims pray in Mecca on the National Geographic channel as a child that piqued my interest. Maybe it was my admiration of the recorded speech I heard as a teenager from the late El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) expressing the beauty of the worship he … Continue reading By Anonymous

By Anonymous

I never wrote my shahada story before because I was afraid to be judged. Of course I gave my 20 second version of finding Allah (swt) to relatives, at sisters circles, to my Muslim friends who asked, but I never told them the real story of my conversion. I think a lot of that has … Continue reading By Anonymous

Conversion Story by Will Cheung

by Will Cheung I grew up in a typical Chinese family where religion was not a major aspect of my life.  Like many immigrant parents, my parents encouraged me to go into medicine or engineering.  My years in middle and high school were filled with science classes where basics like DNA and mitosis were taught.  … Continue reading Conversion Story by Will Cheung

Conversion Story by Noura E.

When I relay the story of how I embraced Islam, people rarely believe me.  I always get “you’re doing it for your husband” or “you don’t really believe in this” from many people.  I befriended a Kurdish Muslim in 2010 and he never pushed me towards Islam.  On occasion we would discuss our thoughts and … Continue reading Conversion Story by Noura E.

Conversion Story by Anonymous

Out of all of the religions, of all the paths you could have chosen, why Islam? My friend posed a valid question.  For a young woman that grew up in the Bible Belt (I was raised Protestant) where Islam was equivocated with hatred, falsehood, and fanaticism, why did I feel a deep and unquestionable calling to join THIS … Continue reading Conversion Story by Anonymous