Jumu’ah Prayer at M.E.C.C.A.

Time: 1:00PM-1:45 PM Place: 4 West 43rd St. Suite 416, New York, NY 10036 Khateeb: Hafidh Abdel-Rahman al-Khattab *Kindly note: Our wudu' facilities are limited so please come to Jumu'ah with wudu'. Photo by Sarah Loetscher on Pixbay

Living Islam

Our monthly Living Islam gatherings create a time and place to explore the issues specific to entering into the faith of Islam. There may be cultural, experiential, or emotional challenges you are facing. As an institution founded with the primary mission to support new converts to Islam, M.E.C.C.A. takes your questions and concerns seriously. We [...]

Brothers’ Gathering

A monthly gathering where we connect with one another and strengthen their bond of brotherhood. Led by Brother Mujtaba Tariq, we discuss Islamic topics and current events and will also talk about the science of self-purification and how to actually put into practice, step by step, the Islamic knowledge one has learned throughout life. Dinner [...]

Sisters’ Gathering of Remembrance

Rejuvenate your heart with love of God and His Messengers (peace and blessings upon them all)! Please join us for this monthly Sisters’ Gathering as we remember the Divine by singing and reflecting on traditional poems (Qasa’id) that have been passed down from generation to generation in Islamic history. We will be continuing our discussion [...]