Return to Islam

By Talal Abdullah

I was born a Muslim and remembered that was so.I experienced this realization
weeks ago before taking my shahada.

Be just and compassionate to others, strong in deed, manifest integrity and maintain appreciation for the creation in the heavens, to realize that there is a force or light as the prime mover in the universe: this was knowledge I understood long ago. I lived according to nature’s flow and learned principles of many spiritual traditions. I felt inherently connected to spirituality, gaining knowledge and talent application, and experienced that “something” watching over me many times, guiding me and providing me with a strong inner compass. I felt like a teammate was always with me.

During my undergraduate years, I began this internal investigation into the nature of that “something,” and it was a great epiphany to feel how Islam gradually and gracefully filled my vision, the Straight Path.

I attended several seminars on Islam and developed friendships with Muslims prior to my acceptance. Each experience with my friends and the knowledge from the events touched my curiosity on an intellectual level and made an instant connection spiritually. It was as if the inner cultivation I experienced throughout my life prepared me for this
acceptance. This is why Islamic principles and values feel natural to me, of the fitrah, and accepting Islam felt like I took my first bite of the most nutritious fruit. I learned how the Qur’an was a Book of Wisdom and the most beautiful Book of Remembrance in my view of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala.

My parents took the decision well; they did not debate, challenge or stand in the way of my decision. I informed them of what I chose and they accepted. My sense was they’ve seen my decision-making over the years and had little to worry about. So if I made a choice such as this, I believe they recognized I knew how serious it was and they supported it, as they have always supported my decisions. I will always love them and how they applied the method of peaceful support. Perhaps, by demonstrating the
example, I can inspire them to take on the Straight Path as well.

To me…

Qur’an is a book to remember

That following the principles
Allah created Will reap great benefits,

Just as the bee will by living According to its bee nature,

And the wolf according to its nature, And the bird according to its

To remember that the planets do not float randomly,

They move in harmony and in  alignment with

Invisible forces like gravity and electromagnetism:

Allah’s design.

To remember that humans were endowed

With intelligence capable of building ships and civilizations,

Creating art and producing elevating music,

We are designed to gain knowledge and use it to

Live in harmony with other life, Have reverence for Allah.

To remember that every experience
occurs Because Allah willed it so, and
therefore it is In our nature to acquire wisdom
from it.

This is my remembrance of the
ancient ways that Allowed us to be blessed with optimal
health, strength, Creativity and happiness while
living in the dunya.