Imam Zaid Shakir

“The M.E.C.C.A. Center has undertaken a valuable and indispensable mission. That mission is to provide relevant guidance to the growing population of converts to Islam in North America. After years of hearing horror stories about converts who were chased away from Islam by often times well-meaning, but generally ill-informed, untrained proponents of Islam, it is refreshing to know that M.E.C.C.A. provides trained instructors, a developed curriculum and a welcoming environment to address the issues confronting those who convert to Islam at such a challenging time. I pray that the initial success the center has enjoyed in the New York metropolitan area grows and we see the opening of many more centers across the country.”


” I am so grateful for MECCA. It has given me a community where I can learn about Islam and grow as a newly converted Muslim.”

Denny Santos

“One of the most important gifts that this organization has provided me is a foundation in the religion. As a new convert it can be incredibly frightening to know that Allah is the one you want to worship but not understanding how. Mecca not only provided the how but also an understanding of how to organize all the wonderful information that this religion has built up over time.”


“MECCA has provided me the foundation to learn about Islam in the classroom and group setting in a non-judgmental and open way. I have felt well supported by all the members, which has given me strength to be a Muslim in our society. MECCA provides a link to other Islamic organizations, as well as local and global events, that provides further education and guidance. Everyone at MECCA feels like my family!”


“The classes offered by the MECCA center are truly a blessing. They are affordable, conveniently scheduled, and taught by instructors who are very knowledgeable about Islam. For me, the classes and learning environment have served as a holistic benefit and has helped me to increase in faith. I am presently commuting a six hour distance to take advantage of the Islamic knowledge offered through the Mecca Center.”

Surreyah Hosny

“I am so glad to have found M.E.C.C.A. It has become my safe haven. my source of guidance and support and is helping me progress in the practice of my Deen. The sister’s circle has offered me much needed support and friendship, Alhamdulillah.”

Yuri Lara

“Mecca is a great organization that caters to Muslims and non-Muslims for the simple reason to provided knowledge, unite communities and to bring us closer to Allah (swt). In addition, it is a place where I learned to be a better Muslim for myself, family, and community.”


“I can’t say enough about M.E.C.C.A.! This center is much more than just a wonderful support center for new Muslims. It’s also a friendly place where everyone is welcome to learn more about this beautiful faith without feeling judged for one’s lack of knowledge. The classes are full of students who sincerely wish to attain a deeper understanding of Islam, and are taught by knowledgeable and caring teachers who are always willing to answer any questions. If you want to learn about Islam in a comfortable environment from dedicated, kind, and experienced teachers who are sincerely committed to helping you grow in the Deen, then this is the perfect place!”


“I would like everyone at MECCA to know: Accepting Islam was easy for me. What wasn’t easy was adjusting as a new Muslim to my family, friends and coworkers who were not Muslim and didn’t understand Islam. The MECCA program was like an answer to my prayers. It gave me all the support I needed and more. I gained valuable and practical knowledge relevant to my life, plus I made a lot of new friends in the process. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning more about Islam or even just in getting to know Muslims in the community. May God reward everyone at MECCA for their endless support and time and especially for their effort to spread faith in one God and in the peaceful message of Islam.”

Ron Smith

“Salaam Alaikum, My name is Ron Smith and I am a recent convert to Islam. I had been thinking about converting to Islam for a while. After taking my first MECCA class I knew that Islam was what I was seeking! I converted that night! The MECCA classes took away my misunderstandings of Islam and Muslims in general. I have met so many wonderful Muslim brothers and sisters that have helped and are continuing to help with the transition that occurs when you are new to a religion. This program not only tells you how to pray, but takes the time to show you step by step how to pray! This is so important for any convert to Islam. This is just one of the many reasons why this program is so important.”

Amber E. Hampton

“In the beginning I learned about Islam through study abroad and the examples of my close friends. I later turned to the Internet to find out more about the Five Pillars and the Six Articles of Iman. I decided to take a chance and sign up for the class and it was the best decision I’ve made in my life. I had said to myself that I was not going to say Shahada until the class was over, but Allah had different plans. I became a part of Islam on January 28, 2007, SubhanAllah! The class has changed my life, and even some of my Muslim sisters say that I know more information than them! Alhumdulillah! I have met many friends and learned knowledge that will lead me in the right way for the rest of my life, inshaAllah. The staff at the MECCA center have been the most dedicated and determined to provide the best examples for us, mashaAllah, and may Allah bless them and their families.”


“It was very wonderful to be able to meet other new Muslim brothers and sisters and to be educating ourselves about the deen all at once! The teachers were all very kind and knowledgeable and brothers and sisters in Islam in the truest sense of the word!”

Sherly Fabre

“I really enjoyed the MECCA program because it helped me learn more about Islam. I was able to have someone there to teach me how to pray, and it gave me a chance to be around other Muslims. This is great because not every body in my family approved of me converting to Islam. It is nice to have a Muslim support group.”


“MECCA was a great experience for me. The classes taught me the necessary foundations on which Muslim life is built. The teachers introduced me to a beauty of Islam you can not learn from books and the other students proved to be a wonderful community that has grown beyond the walls of the classroom. We continue to keep in touch and find creative ways to explore Islam, as well as other shared interests.”


“MECCA has been an amazing experience. Besides gaining absolutely invaluable knowledge, I have also made long lasting friendships. Thank you so much for establishing such a wonderful organization. I will support Mecca every step of the way.”


“MECCA had brought so many great things to the forefront for reverts like myself. Giving us the means to learn, meet other Muslims, and increase our deen all at the same time has been such a blessing. They make everything accessible and affordable for those of us just starting out on the path to Islam. MECCA truly is a blessing for the entire ummah!”


“Being part of the MECCA Center and going to class every week has brought me back to life; if I was ever spiritually numb, it was the MECCA program that revived and engaged my heart. As for the people of the MECCA Center, their spirit, humility, and sincerity gave me comfort and a real sense of belonging. The knowledge and relationships I gained from MECCA helps me break away from the past and start anew, ready and willing to embrace my future as a believer and worshipper of Allah (swt).”


“Without hesitation, the first thing I tell a new convert to Islam is “contact MECCA.” When I converted to Islam, I was immediately struck with how little I actually knew, with how much I needed to learn, things as basic as how to pray. As a new Muslim it is often hard to know who to look to for guidance in these matters as culture often get mistaken for belief. MECCA provides a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for new Muslims to learn the deen, a service greatly needed in our community. Through MECCA, I have gained confidence as a Muslimah, developed amazing friendships, and even begun to educate others on the beauty of Allah (swt) and the teachings of his Messenger (pbuh).”


“I think this is such a great venture because there are some things about living Islam that you can only learn from other Muslims. It is especially important living here in the states where we are faced with so many challenges and barriers to practicing our faith. So much can be learned from those people who have successfully overcome these obstacles. Alhumdulillah, it is so amazing that before I found out about M.E.C.C.A, I was thinking that more needed to be done in the Islamic community to welcome new Muslims, I think this is a great start, inshaAllah.”


“The MECCA Center provides comfort and support as you journey for a greater knowledge and understanding of Islam. For many new acceptors of Islam, a support system is invaluable but unfortunately not readily available so they often feel alone and overwhelmed. The MECCA Center provides various activities and learning opportunities to keep you engaged while forming a network of Muslim brothers and sisters.”


“Alhamdulilah, I’m really grateful for the MECCA center. I wish something like this was around when I first became Muslim, but I’m glad it’s here now. I’ve learned so much from the classes I’ve taken and mashAllah the teachers are knowledgeable and encouraging. I intend to take whatever new classes MECCA offers inshAllah, because one can never have too much knowledge when it comes to Islam. I pray that Allah rewards everyone who is involved in the center for all their hard work, ameen.”


“It’s a blessing to be apart of M.E.C.C.A. The center is welcoming and warm, allowing you to learn and establish a stronger foundation for your Iman. M.E.C.C.A. has become not just a house full of light for me, but my second home.”


“I have found the halaqa classes to be a great source of information, we have gone through a range of topics, such as hijab, halal and haram, Miracles of Allah and patience and forbearance in the light of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) as well as other topics. It is also always wonderful to see my Muslim sisters. I feel almost as though we are becoming a bit like a family. There is always something to be gained from each halaqa class and I eagerly anticipate the next one.”

Sister Safiyyah Abdus-Sabur

“Even though I have been Muslim for over three decades M.E.C.C.A has open a new door for me. The sisters are more sincere in learning and actually being a true sister. Bonds are made here and new converts truly feel this is the place to be.There are many portals in the search for Islamic Knowledge but this door of knowledge here has a very BRIGHT LIGHT when entering it.”

Rahimah Abdus-Sabur

“The M.E.C.CA. Center offer the personal support system like a family. The variety of programs through M.E.C.C.A give new converts the family like support when they enter Islam or a person like myself who is born Muslim the continual upward learning of one’s faith.”


“One of the most rewarding and revelatory experiences of my life has come through and after my introduction to the MECCA center. As a new muslim, I often felt displaced, lost and unwelcome. I sometimes felt like I had no one to turn to to answer my questions. After a sister at an event refered me to MECCA’s website. I took the initiative and signed up for the new Muslim classes and thus began my wonderful journey with MECCA. Through Mecca, I have learned the basics of Islam. I have joined a community of women, sisters, who I look up to and can turn to advice. Most importantly, I have formed a stronger and lasting bond with Allah. Inshallah, many more brothers and sisters will discover MECCA.”


“The Mecca center has absolutely been a life-changer for me. I can’t thank enough Allah and the center for providing me with the opportunity to study sacred knowledge with very knowledgeable and sincere teachers in the most friendly and supportive environment. In addition to great instructors and the variety of class offerings (which include Fiqh, Aqida, Arabic, Shamai’l, Seerah, Tajweed), the best thing about the Mecca center is definitely its wonderful people. I have attended several islamic centers in New York City and none of them made me feel more at home than Mecca.”


“In a world of Muslims and Non-Muslims, local community realities, cultural influence and issues, the M.E.C.C.A. center has been a regrouping zone for me. Here I’ve been able to step outside of myself and my environment, and obtain knowledge of Islam in a safe and productive manner.


“MECCA is truly one of the best places to learn about Islam. The very moment I board the train to reach MECCA, my heart is filled with joy. The two hour Aqidah class on sunday energizes me spiritually to face the corporate world for the next five days.”

Sandra Zsombok

“Going to the center has given me alot of insight as a new Muslim and my teacher is amazing. I would take another class at the center.”

Abdul-Malik Nidal

“My name is Abdul-Malik Nidal and being a student or participant at the Mecca center has been a great experience. I enjoy the family atmosphere and small classes for the individual attention, to obtain the Islamic knowledge. Being amongst other Muslims make you more focused and determined to be a better person for Allah. The Mecca center is great for everyone. Alhumdulillah.”

What the students said about our First Annual Winter Dowra in January 2010

Assalamu alaikum.
I thought the Dowra was very interesting and informative. I acquired a lot of new information that I hope will help me grow Islamically inshaAllah. The Dowra also served as a reinforcement to some extent. I thought it was very beneficial and look forward to the next one.May Allah bless all of you for putting this together. Ameen.
~Shahnaz Duymun

When you combine crucial topics, blessed traditional teachers, a friendly and comfortable environment and the mercy that descends when Muslims gather for the sake of Allah, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience. One of the points really driven home at the Dowra was the importance of isnad, of the chain back to our beloved Messenger upon him be blessings and peace, and through Him, back to God Most High. It was a true blessing to sit with scholars who were a part of that pure chain and we pray that God blesses MECCA for providing us with such an opportunity.
~Doa Rahman

I want to thank Mecca for letting me participate at the Winter Dowra. It was a very blessed experience. It was so inspirational and spiritual. Ma Salaam

My Dowra experience at MECCA was excellent. This center is the best and most blessed place for acquiring the authentic Islamic knowledge in the New York City and tri-state area. The Dowra program covered a wealth of useful information and the teachers (Shaykh Imadudeen Abu Hijleh and Imam Amin Muhammad) were very humble, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. I came out of the program with more motivation and a much greater appreciation for my Deen. I believe that the good mix of topics benefited both the beginning and advanced students. I would definitely recommend this program and the MECCA center to all of my friends and I am really looking forward to the next Dowra program in April inshAllah.

Thank you so much for all the time and arrangements making this event possible. This Dowra was life-transforming for me; it gave me the knowledge of why I must improve my practice and the benefits of purification of the heart. It was helpful because the Sheiks made specific suggestions of how this can be achieved. I wish that these seminars even if its just for one day could happen frequently because this really motivated me to further commit to my practice.~Surreyah Hosny

What the students said about our Second Annual Winter Dowra in December 2010 – January 2011

I feel like I’ve walked away with a chestful of treasures from the Dowra. The knowledge the shaykhs shared with the students were very practical, things you can start implementing into your life right away. If anyone has the desire to improve their relationship with Allah then they should not give up the opportunity to take a class at the Mecca Center. It’s one of the few places in this day and age where you receive high scholastic Islamic learning in the same room as the scholar. ~Ferozan N.

MECCA’s dowra sessions are like precious shining gems, offering the viewer a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on what really matters in our lives. It is easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life, obsessing about our work, studies, daily ups and downs, and our families. MECCA helps us by bringing the light of Islam, by providing us with access to classical scholars and teaching. It reconnects our hearts to what is true. Whenever I attend sessions at MECCA, I have always walked away feeling that my thirst has been a bit more quenched, more anchored. I feel grateful to have a resource like MECCA in the city, and I would like to thank all the people who make MECCA what it is- the volunteers, the teachers, the students- May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala reward you all in this life and the next. ~Sarah Sayeed

I thank Allah for the opportunity to attend the Winter Dowra at the Mecca Center. I aquired an abundance of knowledge that will fill my heart and in turn strengthen my faith in Allah. The Winter Dowra is a booster shot for my Iman! ~Eric Greenidge

I wanted to let you know what I thought of the Winter Dowra. I loved it! It was wonderful and greatly informative. I couldn’t take notes fast enough! I am in awe about how passionate the Shaykhs and Imam were about teaching us. It was well organized and well thought out. I felt motivated and confident by the end of the weekend. I’m especially grateful to you all for the fantastic things you do! MECCA is a fabulous place for anyone who wants to learn about Islam. I look forward to more dowras, seminars, classes, and sister circles. Jazâk Allâhu Khairan. ~Zulaykha..